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Ducati x ATWU

The collaboration of ATWU and Ducati Hellas is a partnership that is kept over quiet some years. Having Aris Loumakis, the front man and producer of the N1 Urban Pop Band in Greece, REC, on its side, as the ambassador of the brand, ATWU and Ducati Hellas has managed to build a strong and valuable cooperation as creative agency.

Collaboration between the brand ambassador, Aris Loumakis, and Ducati Hellas is a mutually beneficial partnership that involves working together to achieve common goals related to brand promotion, sales, and customer engagement.  Aris Loumakis serves as the face of the brand and is responsible for creating a positive image and reputation for it. ATWU engages with customers, is responsible for video and image making, provides feedback to the brand, and collaborates on marketing strategies to promote the brand and increase sales. Shared vision, open communication, and a commitment to achieving common goals has helped us build a strong concrete with Ducati Hellas over years.


Ducati Hellas


Collaboration, brand awareness, promotion, image making