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REC x Red Bull

REC Pop Up Concerts

The REC Pop Up Festival started with… the starting point of the “Spyros Louis” OAKA and the emblematic point of the market.

The welcoming sports facilities of OAKA welcomed the #1 urban pop band for the first pop up concert of their summer… COVID-FREE tour.

On Wednesday afternoon, Aris, Xenia and Mike took the microphones and with the unique “Red Bull Tzip” by their side, they gave the signal for the start of their pop up concert. The solution to the mystery of the secret location was found by the most skilled and resourceful fans who followed the instructions published on REC’s social media accounts, participating in a unique “hidden treasure hunt” and finally found themselves at OAKA for their favorite group where for a time they heard their biggest hits live.

At the same time, the specially designed MINI cars of Red Bull transmitted the pulse to all parts of OAKA conveying the message that REC started the pop up concert and the time was already counting down for those who wanted to see the band members up close.

Next stop of the REC Pop Up Festival is…! Stay tuned to REC’s social media accounts and some very useful information may lead you too to the right place and spend an hour of non stop REC music under the hot Greek summer sun.




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