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Village Shopping and more..

Village Magic Park

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Village Magic Park was the event particularly organised for the period of winter holiday season in ‘Village Shopping and more…”

The two key details of the event were the ‘Light Show‘ and ‘London Double-Decker Bus

The event started with the light mapping show… Light mapping was created with the  projection technology that was used to display dynamic images on central surfaces of the shopping center, such as walls of the shopping mall. The show used a combination of colorful visuals, accompanied with the music to create an immersive and engaging experience for visitors. By using specialized software and projectors, light mapping transformed an otherwise static environment of “Village Shopping and more…” into a vibrant and captivating space for the winter holidays season, providing a unique and memorable experience for those who visit the mall. 

We also thought of making the experience for the visitors even more magic by adding snow machines. These machines simulate the experience of being in a winter wonderland by creating a snow-like substance that falls gently from above. Visitors can walk through the “snowfall” and experience the joy of a winter scene, without the need for actual snow. The snow produced by these machines is typically made from a foam-like material that is safe and non-toxic, making it suitable for people of all ages. Overall, the use of fake snow machines was a fun and unique way to create a festive and memorable experience for visitors to the mall during the holiday season. 

The iconic presence of the London double-decker bus made the scenery of the Village Magic Park something visitors of the mall would never forget. We placed a large, red bus with two floors, featuring an closed-top floor which was fixed with the Dj console, having a Live Guest Dj playing music every day of the event. The first floor of the bus was equipped with the Radio Live Studio, during particular days of the weeks of the Village Magic Park event, which included the artists, singers, bands as guests joining for the interviews and welcoming the visitors of the mall making their experience unforgettable.

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