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red bull
Red Bull Art Of Motion | Mikrolimano Piraeus

Art of Motion

Red Bull Art of Motion is a parkour and freerunning competition, established in 2007 and created by Red Bull. It is an international competition with qualifiers being held in various regional competitions around the world throughout the year. Winners from the regional competitions each year earn their ticket to get to the finals, held towards the end of the year.

ATWU, as a marketing agency, specialised in creating and executing marketing strategies for the Red bull Art of Motion. We worked together to plan, promote, and manage the event, Art of Motion, in Mikrolimano.

Our creative agency used expertise in marketing and event planning to help our client achieve goals, to increase brand awareness, generate revenue, and promote a particular event. We used a range of marketing techniques, such as influencer marketing, social media, email campaigns, and sponsorships, to reach the target audience and create a memorable experience for participants and attendees alike.


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Event Planning, Digital Communications, Social Media, Video Content, Public Relations 

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