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ANT1 Christmas Trailer

ATWU created a Christmas trailer commercial for a ANT1.

The process involved working with a creative team to develop a concept that captures the spirit of the holiday season and promotes the channel’s programming. The commercial featured the scenes reflecting the warmth of each and every house that would be watching ANT1 during winter holidays. It involved festive decorations, music and joyful people celebrating the holidays.

The creative team worked on developed a script and storyboard, casting actors, as well as hired a director and production crew to bring the concept to life. The commercial showcased the channel’s upcoming holiday programming, highlighting special events, shows, and movies that would be aired during the holiday season.

Throughout the production process, the creative team and TV channel collaborated closely to ensure that the commercial aligns with the channel’s branding and marketing goals. 

The final Christmas trailer commercial was aired on ANT1 and was promoted through other advertising channels, such as social media, email marketing, or outdoor advertising. Overall, the goal of creating a Christmas trailer commercial for ANT1 was to capture the audience’s attention and to promote the channel’s holiday programming in a festive and engaging way.


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