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Village Shopping and more…

The Capsule Project

We came up with the idea of bringing something unique to the shopping mall, something that would attract the eyes of the visitors and probably make you travel in time…

Our purpose was to combine music experience together with the iconic presence of a vehicle which is not something people are used to seeing in their everyday life.

We decided to place one airstream capsule in the central point of the shopping mall. The Airstream capsule is a unique and innovative form of accommodation that combines the classic design of an Airstream trailer with the luxury and comfort of a hotel room. These capsules are typically located in outdoor settings such as campgrounds, and offer guests a unique glamping experience. The interior of the capsule is designed to maximize space and functionality, featuring a comfortable bed, bathroom facilities, and a small kitchenette. We updated the inside of it by placing a Dj console and fixing a live music streaming studio which would accommodate Live Radio Podcasts and Dj Sets throughout a period of a month. The exterior of the capsule is constructed from high-quality materials and features the iconic silver bullet design that has given us an opportunity to transform the capsule into something absolutely magic using the lightning on the outside of it. 

We placed traces around the capsule, and set the sound as well as the lights systems. We went to the technique used in stage lighting design to create dynamic and visually appealing effects. This technique involves programming the lights to move along a specific path or “trace” using specialized software and control systems. The lights were programmed to change color, intensity, and created stunning visual effects trasforming the airstream capsule into something cosmic.

The Capsule Project had a great success creating a unique and memorable experience for the visitors of the mall.